Campus Safety Campaign Launch

Campus Safety Campaign LaunchOur safety campaign is live! We've got a variety of media that address medical amnesty and campus safety resources. Check out the materials at read more

Renter's Survey

Renter's SurveyHave you ever signed a lease? Ever rented a house, lived in an apartment, or dealt with a landlord? Ever wanted to share that experience? The Renter's Survey aims to gather information that will be used to assist read more

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 3 of 3

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 3 of 3I have no parents and no help from my family. I am all on my own and have been since I came to college. I come from a very poor family, and I grew up always worried about money and how we were going to feed ourselves read more

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 2 of 3

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 2 of 3 I guess it’s good, I guess it’s great That the UofM froze its tuition rate A temporary freeze sounds good to me But temporary is all it’ll be I work 50 hours at minimum wage The things I still can’t read more

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 1 of 3

Tuition Story Contest Winners - Part 1 of 3“I’m $13,000.” "I'm $18,500." "I'm $30,000." The theme of student debt echoed throughout our recent "Blog Your Tuition Story" contest. Students across campus shared their stories relating to college read more


WTFUMNWhat To Fix, University of Minnesota is a platform to voice student concerns, from housing to academics to student life. Questions and concerns can be submitted via Twitter, Facebook, or anonymously via the Google read more

What is the MSA?

We are the Undergraduate Student Government at the University of Minnesota. As the collective voice of the student body, we strive to improve the experience of all students.

When do we meet?

Forum meets every other Tuesday at 4pm in Coffman’s Mississippi Room. Committees meet on the Tuesdays between Forums at 4pm. Check out committee pages for more details.

Get Involved.

There are many ways to become a member of the Minnesota Student Association. The first step is to attend Forum or dropping by our office at Coffman 202 for more info.

Connect With Us

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